• 10 FAQs about in-person worship at St Paul starting on Sunday April 11, 2021

    1) When will the service be?  In-person services will begin on Sunday April 11.  The service time will be 10:00am.

    2) Because of social distancing, how many people can participate in the service at a time?  Approximately 10 family units or 35 people.

    3) How can I reserve my spot?  Call Marcie directly.  If you are able to reserve  a spot one week, please allow others the chance to reserve a spot in the following weeks.  Marcie will notify you when you can reserve a spot again.

    4) Do I need to wear a mask the entire time?  Yes.  Masks are required for the entire service.  Because Pastor and David are in the chancel and are 6-feet away from everyone anyway, they will not be wearing masks during the service.  However, Pastor will put on a mask when it comes time for communion distribution since he will be in close proximity to others.  (See below for details about communion.)

    5) Will there be a temperature screening at the door?  No.  However, if you or anyone in your family is feeling sick, please do not attend.

    6) Will there be singing, communion, passing of the peace, collection of the offering?  Because masks are required, you are welcome to sing with your mask on if you want - or you can choose not to sing.  The music will be led by David and Alyssa.  Sadly, we cannot have the choir resume yet.  Communion will be by intinction up the center aisle.  Pastor will dip the wafer into the wine and hand it to you (like at communion at the car), and then you will return to your seat by the side aisle.  There will be no passing of the peace aside from a quick wave to the others.  Please refrain from any handshakes, hugs, etc.  There will be no passing of the offering plate.  Instead, the offering plate will be located by the door to the sanctuary.  You are invited to drop your offering into the plate on your way in or on your way out.

    7) Will the service still be available online?  Yes.  However, due to technology issues that are being worked on, it will not be live streamed at 10:00am.  Instead, the service will be recorded and posted to the St Paul Facebook page later that day.  Pastor will try to get the video posted no later than 2:00pm on Sunday afternoons.

    8) Will there be nursery, children's church, and/or Sunday school in person?  No.  The nursery will not be available.  Also, there will not be any in person Christian education.

    9) Do I have to be fully vaccinated before I can attend in person services?  No.  You do not need to be fully vaccinated to attend.

    10) Can I help as a worship leader?  Of course.  Each service will need the following worship leaders: 1 assisting minister, 1 altar guild member, 1 usher, and 1 camera operator.  Contact Pastor Kurt or Marcie if you are interested in helping.