Nursery – A nursery is available on Sunday mornings for the youngest ones among us.  While we welcome and encourage children to be with their parents for worship, we understand if parents need to step out with them.  (Don’t worry about them being squiggly, though.  We love children and understand that God gave them the squiggles.  Plus, the sounds of children in worship are some sounds of the living church.)  If you feel the need to step out with your kids into the nursery, though, you can still participate in the service by watching it on the TV in there.

Elementary School Aged Children – Young children are encouraged to participate in a few wonderful opportunities here at St Paul.  First, they have a special Christian education class designed just for them before worship on Sunday mornings.  Second, they have fun with our Easter egg hunt every year.  Third, they participate in our first communion class and enjoy receiving the body of blood of Christ with the rest of their family in faith.  Fourth, they won’t want to miss our Vacation Bible School every summer.  Thanks to the passion and dedication of some great volunteers, VBS has become a favorite week for many of the kids.  Details about VBS come out every spring to anticipate the big week in the summer.  Also, they have a lot of fun putting on the Christmas pageant every year.  For example, check out the awesome job that our children and youth did for our “Christmas During COVID” pageant here.

Youth – The big event for the youth of St Paul is confirmation class on Sunday mornings.  Led by Pastor Kurt, this weekly half hour class uses a three-year curriculum that covers The Old Testament, The New Testament, and Luther’s Small Catechism.  The class involves Bible reading, games, video clips, and more.  It’s a lot packed into that half hour time frame!  The youth of St Paul also have a lot of fun helping out with our yearly Christmas pageant (as you can see in the video above).  We also continue to help our youth and young adults grow in faith by sending them periodic care packages when they are off at school or in the military.  Even when they aren’t here at home, we want them to remember that we love them and support them in the new adventures where God is leading them.